Take That Breath Away


I kiss my wife and little boy before I go to the office every morning. I kiss them when I reach home early in the evening. This is second nature to us. But there are times when I do not go straight home because it is my duty as a sociable human being to be with friends every now and then. And "to be with friends" is not complete without a few bottles of cold beer. This usually happens Fridays or Saturdays. When I have downed some bottles of beer a problem presents itself; I could not kiss my wife and kid when I reach home because they will smell my beer-laced breath. If I won't kiss them upon reaching home they will wonder why. My wife do not like it when I drink beer outside our home (it's okay when I drink with her once in a blue moon inside our house). Thanks to technology, it is now possible to eliminate bad alcohol-laced breath with antipoleez. This new breath freshener is very different from the traditional breath fresherners that we know, antipoleez does not just mask the stale odor of alcohol in your breath with heavy mint or other fruit scent but it eliminates it and does not leave any other. What is good about antipoleez is that even if the level of its effect is very good, it does not contain any chemincal or artificial flavors but only natural ingredients that comply with FDA regulations. Now I can take away those bad alcohol breath and kiss my wife and kid upon reaching home after a good night out with friends.


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