Check Out Windows Embedded Theme for XP and 2003

Tired of the same old boring themes of your Windows XP? Here's good news : Microsoft has come out with a new Windows XP and 2003 theme which can be found in Windows Embedded Standard CTP Refresh. As you can see in the image below, this theme is shiny and blue all over, which is refreshing to the eyes. Though this is not available for download publicly, AskVG has extracted it from the operating system itself and has given out a link for those who want to download it. This is an official Windows release digitally signed by Microsoft.

To use the theme, download it and unzip it, and place the .theme and embedded folder into your %systemroot%\resources\themes (usually c:\windows\resources\themes) folder, then double click on the embedded.theme file.

Try this and enjoy the new freshness of your old XP.

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