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For tech bloggers like me, it is important to be always updated with what is happening in the world of technology. It is part of my daily life to wade through the flood of technology news and try to pick the very few that are worth blogging about. One of the sites that gives the most significant, useful, or particularly cool technology news is Though this site is quiet new, it shows a lot of promise because they only post news items that are carefully hand-picked, making sure that the top products and news items are always what they present. If you blog about computer hardware, software, gadgets, and tech news, you should check out this site. It was in this site where I read about the best extensions for Firefox and some cool stuff about the Google Cache Checker Firefox extension. I have also gleaned some good items about cool software like their Blaze Media Pro review which is very useful to the likes of me who dabble every now and then with things like converting video files and stuff like that.

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