Google Sees Me

It makes me happy to see visitors coming into my blog via Google. In the past weeks I have noticed that more and more visitors come into this blog through Google search. I have Feedjit live traffic feed installed in my sidebar, this helps a lot in analyzing my traffic. Most of those who come into this blog via Google are people searching for Windows tips and tricks. I have quiet a number of these kinds of posts so it is only natural to be snagged by the most powerful search engine in the world when someone from the other corner of the world do a search in this area. Just before lunch today I checked my Feedjit widget and I was happy to see two persons fining their way into my blog via Google. So I checked what these people were searching for that brought them here. One person was searching for information related to import and export of Firefox extension preferences. I got curious as to how my post was ranked in this person's search result so i checked it out. It turned out that the string entered by the searcher was "export firefox extension to another computer". I was happy to be the second in rank in the search result.


Then after finishing lunch I checked again the Feedjit widget and I was again glad to see that another person found his way to my blog through Google. this time it was the string " ilasik for military" that was entered by the searcher in the search box. again, the page in my blog that has information about iLasik and its use in the US military came out in the search and it is in the second rank.


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