Google's Advice on Inbound Links and Other Important Ranking Factors

Google has always been secretive when it comes to the topic of SEO and PageRank. Webmasters and SEO experts have theories, but no one is really sure about how Google does its thing. But in the recently concluded Links Week, Senior Support Engineer at Google, Maile Ohye, shed some light on the mystery of PageRanking through her tutorials. But what she revealed were not news to us, SEO experts have been telling us about this for years. It is as simple as this : the contents of your site and the inbound links are really important in ranking. According to Ohye inbound links that are gained naturally would really help your ranking. So do not think that every inbound link would help because only merit-based links count. Inbound links that look like spam will not help at all. Merit-based inbound links that are freely-volunteered as an editorial choice would signal Google that your page is important. A page is important when someone mentions it from another page and links to it.

So how can we earn merit-based inbound link? Ohye advices that you should be interesting. To be interesting you must have something to offer that others do not have. To be interesting you should be an expert. To be interesting you should teach something in your niche. When your content is something that many people could really use, many other blogs or sites will refer to it and link to it. Participation in the community that surrounds your blog's niche would also invite many inbound links. Relevant comments in relevant blogs would also invite inbound links that could really matter in your page's ranking. To summarize it in one sentence : if you post good content and participate in your blog's surrounding community, inbound links will come naturally to your blog.

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