Google's First Click Free

Of course when I need to find something on the web my first stop is Google. But not everything that I find through Google are easily accessible. Some information are behind a registration wall, meaning I need to register in that site before I could access what I need that happens to be inside. This is annoying especially if you are in a hurry and you badly need the information behind the registration wall. This is exasperating when you will be required to shell out some money to register. Now Google is putting a stp to this with First Click Free. In order to help users find and access content that may require registration or a subscription, Google offers an option to web and news publishers called "First Click Free." First Click Free has two main goals:
  1. To include highly relevant content in Google's search index. This provides a better experience for Google users who may not have known that content existed.

  2. To provide a promotion and discovery opportunity for publishers with restricted content.

Webmasters wishing to implement First Click Free should follow these guidelines:

* All users who click a Google search result to arrive at your site should be allowed to see the full text of the content they're trying to access.

* The page displayed to all users who visit from Google must be identical to the content that is shown to Googlebot.

* If a user clicks to a multi-page article, the user must be able to view the entire article. To allow this, you could display all of the content on a single page—you would need to do this for both Googlebot and for users. Alternately, you could use cookies to make sure that a user can visit each page of a multi-page article before being asked for registration or payment.

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