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I have just signed up with Chitika. I read about them some months ago but when I applied for a publisher account my blog was rejected because my blog was too young then and the traffic was too small to make me earn money from them. I forgot about them for a while but while blog hopping a few days ago, I chanced upon a blog post about Chitika. So I tried my luck again with this company and submitted this blog, the very same blog that they rejected months ago. This time it is quiet different. First, this blog has far more traffic than when I first tried to submit it months ago. Second, it now has a domain of its own. Two days after I applied I recieved an email from them informing me that my application for Chitika Ads was approved and that they are welcoming me aboard. Wow this is good news, I got another opportunity to earn more money out of blogging.

For those who are interested about earning extra income out of their blogs with Chitika but do not really know what Chitika is all about, here is a short explanation:

Chitika offers unique one-stop-shop contextual advertising and intelligent merchandising services that combine the strengths of over 10 leading Advertising Networks into one - simplifying ad placement and revenue generation for its clients. Chitika s eMiniMalls service launched in June 2005, is the industry s first intelligent and interactive product merchandising service - providing users with the ability to purchase merchandise when they know that the product and the price is rig.

What is interesting and unique about Chitika is their Interactive Primium Listing ad unit. Here's how Problogger.net explains it :

The ads are quite like their other units but they are ads for all kinds of other products. I’ve included a live one lower on this post (although not all of you will be able to see it - read on to find out why).

The ads are getting good reviews from publishers that I’ve been chatting with who have tested them although at this stage they will only be served to US readers (some of them). At this stage the ads target at US readers and even then they are ‘behavioral’ and not all US readers will see them. If Chitika feels it’s more profitable to you they show other ads.

The ads pay on a CPC basis and you can specify different keywords when generating your code for the ad. On the following ad I’ve chosen ‘Search Engine Optimization’ as the keyword.

Most of my blog's visitors come from the USA so I think I can benefit from their Interactive Primium Listing ad unit.

If you are a blogger who has good enough traffic you can add to your income with Chitika. Sign up now.

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