Musicians, Bands, and Independent Filmmakers Read This

My wife stumbled upon Unicorn Media's website and stayed there for a long time because she got hooked listening to the music of featured musicians there. She also had a good time watching videos made by independent filmmakers. Unicorn Media helps emerging and unsigned artists promote their works in high quality digital format. If you are an artist you are free to have your content promoted by them. It is also free for anyone to enjoy the content of the site, from song to videos.

My wife told me about the site and of course I visited it. What I saw was a site that is a good medium for music promotion. If you are an unheard of musician wanting your beautiful work heard by the world then here is your chance to be heard. I checked Unicorn Media's music section and found very good music there. One band really got me with their instrumental pieces. I told my wife about the band and found out that it was also the same band that she liked listening to in Unicorn's Media's music section. The band is Pedja. I really like the guitar sound of this band and the way they arrange their music. Like my wife, I got hooked with their instrumental pieces Raindrop and Broken Engagement. Then my wife showed me the video she liked in the video section of the site, it is an independent film by Wysiwyg Flms that took four years to make. I liked the high concept of the film and its visual effects. The story is equally impressive. Independent film is really something worth putting one's time into.

I checked out Unicorn Media's blog,, there I found a lot of valuable information that would be of help to unsigned artists. There are lots of tips for getting signed up. So if you are a musician needing music promotion or a filmmaker wanting the world to see your work, check Unicorn Media out and start promoting your content.


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