3.0 Download

Though I am a sucker for free software that perform like their expensive counterparts, I haven't got the chance to really use I remember installing it in my PC two or three years ago. It was impressive but Microsoft Office was (and will always be) the best office suite for me. So just sat in my hard disk for some time then when I did a reformat of my disk I forgot to reinstall it.

Thought I am not using, it is worth mentioning here that its latest major release, the 3.0 will be officially out on monday, October 13. But if you are itching to have it now, the first stable, post-beta, post-release candidate copy of 3.0, just head to FileHippo, SoftPedia, or MajorGeeks and download it. team has already sent out file to the websites I have mentioned and many other mirror sites. So why wait for monday when you can have it now?

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