Yahoo's Open Strategy

Yahoo! is really working hard to better compete with the big ones, Google and Microsoft. Yesterday Yahoo! launched Y!OS or Yahoo! Open Strategy. This is Yahoo's way of opening up their products to third party developers, which would lead to a wider use of their products.

Y!OS have three major components : Yahoo Social Platform, Yahoo Query Language (YQL), Yahoo Application Platform.

If you have been following Yahoo! you would probably have seen how the company has been "opening up" lately. We saw it in the way they tried social media from a new angle, and how they integrate SearchMonkey projects into regular search.

More "opening up" is expected in the future. "In 2008, it’s been all about building the base platform," Sam Pullura, Yahoo! Application Platform Vice President said. Yahoo! will focus on integrating the platform into the rest of Yahoo! in the remaining months of this year and into 2009. Pullara added that the "social dimension" will begin to be felt by users when they activate the network across services like Yahoo mail, and Yahoo Messenger. With this, developers will have the chance to create "cool" things.

Yahoo is becoming more and more interesting. we'll see what's coming in the next few months.