Free Images For Bloggers From Acobox

Bloggers like me who maintain multiple blogs know that adding content in blogs is not as easy as a walk in the park because it is not merely adding words in posts but adding images too. To make a blog more appealing we add images. Images can paint a thousand words. Images hook the readers. Images make the readers read your words. But adding images could sometimes be a problem. I often find it difficult to locate the best images for some articles I write. But now I found a site that gives free blog images to bloggers like me. I signed up at after stumbling upon them and exploring their site and learning that they provide free images for bloggers. The site is not like other sites that provide images to users because it also hosts the images it gives. By registering an account with a blogger could have the luxury of hotlinking images by using click and Ctrl-v. All images at Acobox are properly licensed, optimized for blog, and free so there is no worrying about rights and stuff, all you have to worry about is choosing the best image for your post. Acobox's gallery covers a wide range: from landscape, architechture, culture and entertainment, down to drawings and maps. There are fourteen categories in their gallery as of now. Members can add their own imags to the gallery so the gallery is actually growing, it grows as the community grows.

So you're a blogger? Then stop seeking images from all over the web and copying, resizing, uploading, and inserting these images, it's too time consuming. Start Hotlinking to acobox now.

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