Have a Taste of Firefox's Private Browsing

Many internet users (especially those who surf the web with their office computers) do not want to leave traces of where they had been in the net. We all know that office mates are naturally nosy and they want to know what p0rn sites you visit during office hours and if your taste is as good as theirs. They also would love to have the chance to tell your boss about your browsing activities during office hours. But if your browser allows you the have "private browsing" your nosy officemates would not have any room for their nose to stick to in your browsing activities. With this feature, your search, browsing, form, and download history will not be saved. Cookies or temporary files are also not saved. Back in September, Mozilla dropped some hints that a feature that allows "private browsing" would be available in Firefox 3.1. But yesterday, a major feature was added to the pre-release versions of Firefox 3.1 which will give you a taste of Private Browsing. If you want to try this new feature, just get Mozilla's Minefield browser and install it. By the way, Minefield Browser is an experimental browser from the makers of Firefox.

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