Ranking is Dead,Traffic is All that Matters

Every webmaster wants to see the future of SEO. What if you have the power to see the future and sees that in the next few months ranking would be dead and all that would matter is traffic? Probably you will change your SEO habits and start on something that would keep you in the race. The future of SEO depends on how search engines evolve into more modern ranking methods. Bruce Clay, president of Bruce Clay, Inc. revealed in a one-on-one interview with WebProNews' Michael McDonald some insights about the future of SEO. Bruce talked about many things, one of those is "behavior based search", which means that personalization is going to be "web-wide" using third party cookies and things. Bruce says that your prior search history will affect your search. This means that if 100 people will do a search at the same time for the same term, the result each one will get would be unique because their prior search history affected their search. Bruce gave an illustration, an example search term: "java". Some people doing the searh may be looking for something related to programming and others are looking for the beverage and another group may be looking for the tourist destination. Theoritecally the search engine will know that and will provide each user tha appropriate list of search results. "We can't search for any term and look at rankings because I can get different results than you for exactly the same query. So that's going to change a lot," Bruce says. It doesn't matter if you're logged into Google or not. Bruce believes that personalized results will be coming out within the first quarter of next year.

How about "intent-based search"? Your search engine is looking up your IP and revises your search result based on where you are and your search engine can make assumptions about the intent of your search and give you the most appropriate result of your search. "The page that ranks for a shopping query is an entirely different architecture than the page that ranks for a research query," Bruce explains,

Bruce Clay believes that in the first six months of 2009, we will be seeing a lot more implementation of behavior and intent-based search leading to a mindset of "ranking is dead, and traffic is all that matters."

Bruce suggested that SEO’s should focus closely on analytics, bounce rate, traffic. He also advised SEO's to make use of video, images, audio, maps, etc in their pages. This will help engage the viewers of your page, and it will also engage Google.

So it all boils down to this : If your site has something new to show or tell, if it is unique, if it stands out in the crowd, Google will surely notice it.

To make things clearer and more complete, I have added the video of the interview of Bruce Clay. this video is courtesy of WebProNews.

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