Virtual Estate

How do you see your blog? Perhaps you see it as nothing more than just a diary that is open to the public, your freedom wall, your vanity mirror, your mixed bag of rants and raves. Perhaps you see it as a canvas on which you can paint the colors of your soul for others to appreciate. Is that the way you see your blog? I am not saying that there is something wrong with that. But has it occured to you that your blog could be some piece of real estate? Or should I say virtual estate. If you are maintaining a niche blog probably it has ocured to you that it is possible to sell your blog. I have posted here last month something about a blogger selling his PR5 blog for $15 million. A while ago I have stumbled upon an article written by woman who has sold one of her blogs for $95,000. This woman has been blogging for years and maintained some niche blogs. It did not occur to her to see her blogs as real estate but when some unfortunate events placed her and her family in dire straits, she stumbled upon the idea of selling one of her niche blogs. Actually it was not really her idea, the idea was inspired by a book she was reading.

Now, if you are maintaining more than one blogs, start seeing your blogs as real estate, like a piece of land that you can sell when the need for a big amount of money presents itself. But of course, like a piece of land, a blog should be developed into something attractive to buyers.

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