Have You Experienced Sitting on Santa's Lap?

Have you experienced sitting on Santa's lap? We'll I've tried it today. I went to the CEIVA website and had great fun time with uploading my favorite picture and seeing it with a wonderful digital frame. I chose the image I uploaded because it shows how my small family is full of love. Sometimes pictures speak more than words can describe. With CEIVA digital photo frame, the beauty of that image I uploaded was highlighted, it is really amazing! I did not realize how beautiful the picture was until it got its digital frame. I'm in love with CEIVA digital photo frame, very unique and elegant. How I wish to have it as a gift for my wife this Christmas. Well, that one of my Christmas wishes, to be a able to have such a wonderful gift for the woman I love this Christmas.

CIEVA is having a Got a Wish Sweeepstakes for the holidays. You can join this contest and get the chance of making some of your wishes come true this Christmas. There will be 29 winners in this contest who will be randomly selected from the daily entries. There would be one winner per day. Join the contest now for your chance to win $500, a good enough amount to make some of your wishes come true this holiday season. So what are you waiting for? Head now to CEIVA and experience sitting on Santa's lap.

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