Make Money Blogging

I started earning from my blogs a few months ago. At first it was just a trickle but it made me happy to actually see money coming into my bank account via my blogs. Now, after months of blogging I earn quite a good amount of money each month, and it keeps on getting bigger and bigger every time I withdraw money from the ATM. Money comes into my blogs through many different ways but the biggest income generator for my blogs are paid posts. I keep on telling my office mates that I make money blogging but most of them could not believe it and think that I am just making up stories about it. But those who believed me also started their own blogs and are now also earning money like me. We developed some sort of camaraderie and share with each other every new discoveries we make about how to earn more and more money online. One of the latest things about blog marketing that I have shared to them is I told them that with they could earn more with their blogs while doing what they love doing best--writing. I told them that a couple of days after joining, I earned my first $10 from by reviewing a service that I would have written about anyway without being paid. Of course my two ofice mates immediately joined and I know that they are now also earning additional income through it.

If you enjoy writing and blogging, probably you will also enjoy more if you get paid doing it. The internet is a gold mine for those who know how to use its potential. If you think that there is a recession, your are probably wrong because in the internet there is no recession, business is blooming. Here's a fact : 47 % or nearly half of all marketing money are now spent online. I know that next year it would be bigger than that. This is the best time to invest in the internet whether you are an advertiser or a blogger. Blogs are powerful means of reaching potential customers so a wise advertiser knows that using services like the kind being offered by is a good move for a company selling a service or product. Likewise, bloggers who understand advertising and blogs know that sites like are gold mines. If you are a blogger, the best move that you can do now is joining if you haven't done it already. Don't you know that blog advertising has become the most popular form of advertising? . If you own a business or company, probably this is the time to tap the blogging world to help your business get a boost. Check out now.

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