My New Blog for the New Year

I have a new blog, Gumer Recommends, it is just another WordPress blog. I love Blogger but WordPress is sexy so it won't hurt to have my own self-hosted WordPress blog. 
So what's the big deal with my new blog? Not much, it will contain "suggestions" that could be of help to some people facing some little obstacles. It could be suggestions on what to do when your Windows gives you the blue screen to what to do when your girlfriend dumps you or how to hack your sex life.  Every day we come face to face with simple obstacles that could frustrate us if we do not know how to jump over them. This Blog is intended to assist and at the same time entertain people who, like me, has the need to know how to tweak everyday snags so that they become advantages. And who the hell is me to recommend solutions to some people's problems? I am just a regular guy who loves learning regular things that most regular guys do not really care learning about until they are face to face with the problem. I am not an expert on anything but I could tweak almost anything.