Free BitDefender Total Security 2009 Serial

My office computer started to act weird yesterday, really really weird. I made an antivirus scan but my Eset Smart Security did not detect anything malicious. I uninstalled Eset Smart Security  and tried for the first time BitDefender Total Security 2009. I chose BitDefender after reading a few reviews of the top performing antivirus software in 2008. BitDefender came out on top on all of the reviews so I decided to try it. I downloaded the trial version (30 days). I made a virus scan of my drives and sure enough it found many malicious software and virus in my hard drive. There were about six rootkit and some trojans. Bit Defender is light on my computer and it seemed to really perform well. Its ins and outs are easy to learn. The problem is that I do not want to shell out a few bucks to buy it even if i am falling in love with it. So I did a search for a serial for the software and I was lucky enough to find a post from a blog whose name escapes me about how to get a free serial for BitDefender Total Security 2009 the legal way. I want to share this with you, here is the link to that blog : FREE 210 Days BitDefender Total Security 2009 Genuine License Key.  

This is not a paid post, I am posting this here because I just want to share this with all of you. 

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