My Eon Visa Card Problem

Last December 26 2008, I made a witdrawal of funds from my Paypal account to my Eon Visa card. The following day, when I checked with my Paypal account, I was happy to learn that the transaction was completed in 24 hours as usual. I was expecting to have the amount reflected in my Eon Visa card by December 30th 0r 31st because based on my experience with Paypal to Eon Visa card withdrawals,  it only takes four to five days for the amount to be reflected in my Eon Cyber Account. But I'm am pissed that up to now, 10 days after the withdrawal, the amount is still not reflected in my Eon account. I know that there was a long holiday and we should consider for some delay but it should not take this long. I called up the local Union Bank branch where I have an account but their phone just rings but nobody answers it. Is it still holiday at Union Bank? Hello, it is already monday, January 5, 2009. I called them up four times today and it was the same story, nobody picked the phone. I'm really pissed. I need money now. My wife advised me to just make another Paypal fund withdrawal so that in four days time we will have the money but I don't want to do it because it is impractical and the last withdrawal is mysteriously delayed, why would I risk another withdrawal?

I would like to know if you guys out there have experienced delays with your Eon account transactions this last two weeks? I would like to know. Please advise.

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