Problem With My Eon Cyber Account (Part 2)

After the long wait the money I withdrew from Paypal last December 26 was finally reflected in my Eon account. When my wife went to the ATM (RCBC local branch) to withdraw money the ATM informed her that there was no enough funds to cover the amount being requested. So she checked the account balance and was disgusted upon finding out that the balance is only P666. That is P2000 less than what was supposed to be in there. My wife had no choice but to withdraw the remaining P600. When I checked the transaction history of my Cyber account online it showed that immediately after the Paypal money was reflected, a withdrawal transaction was made which amounted to 2,000. Who made the withdrawal? This is fishy. I tried to phone the local Union Bank branch but nobody answered the phone (or is the number listed in the telephone directory no longer their number because when I checked their website the branch number shown is different from what is in the directory). P2000 is a small amount but when it disappears out of thin air it makes me feel bad. And when no one answers the phone when you need some clarifications, it makes me feel even worse. Below is the screen shot of the transaction history.  

But I guess there is also a problem with the ATM of RCBC where my wife made the withdrawal because the machine gave her error messages during the withdrawal process (the reciept says : withdrawal 2,6000 error : transaction void). She has kept the reciept given out by the ATM. I went to the RCBC branch and filed a complaint. I will also email Union Bank. What makes me mad is the fact that a small amount as P2000 could bring so much hassle. 

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