Problems with File Extensions

It happens to us every once in a while: file extension problems. Most of us do not know how to handle this kind of problem, and I know that many computer users do not bother themselves with knowing about file extensions. Do you know that most of the file extension problems that we have are caused by registry error? Windows registry is very important, once it has problems, your computer's operation will be affected. Most software that you install (especially media players and image viewers and editors) make themselves the default viewer, editor or player of certain file types. When you uninstall these software, they do not always change back the registry associated with them to what it was before they were installed. This can cause problems with opening of some files. Of course the best thing to do when this happens is to fix that entry in the registry. But the registry is a tricky place to tamper with, one fatal mistake and your computer could stop working. There are tools that are available to help us fix registry errors associated with file extensions. If your problem is with file extension DLL, or file extension PPS, or file extension dmg, or whatever file extension problem it is, a registry scan with will always help solve the problem. There is a site that can give your computer a free registry scan and fix, it is You can check them out now so that you can bookmark them so that when you have the need for a registry fix you have somewhere to run for help to.

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