The Siterra System

Whatever business a company is into, whether it is corporate real estate, wireless technology, retail, oil and gas, or renewable energy, it surely needs site management software that helps a lot in planning, prospecting, acquisition, deployment and maintenance of high value assets. Corporate real estate companies will benefit much from having a reliable solution for managing multiple projects, reporting, administration and assets. Corporate real estate companies would easily optimize the management of their entire real estate lifecycle. Siterra Corporation, a leading web-based software solutions providers, can well be what your company is looking for for. With their web-based project, document and property management software, your company will be able to reduce costs with improve productivity. Siterra, with their superior Asset Lifecycle Management can provide your company with the right asset management application that is in line with your company's property portfolio. Their Assets Module includes project templates, storage for site-level maintenance and operations data, documents, manuals, training guides, scanned certificates, test results, photos and related attributes. It can also maintain accurate inventory,measure and compare current and maximum volumes and capacities of assets, update inventory management systems, and perform analysis and reporting on any asset or set of assets.

With 500,000 sites assets and leases for major corporations around the globe, Siterra should be your company's choice in promoting operational excellence and improving returns on operating assets.

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