Toys I Would Like To Grow Up With

I am now 37 years old but my childhood is still fresh to me. I can vividly remember how I was when I was a child, what were my desires, and what I had. During my grade school days my toys were just like every other middle class kids' toys. Our toys during those times were simple. Complex toys like what we have today were rare during those times and if you can find one they'd cost a fortune. I had a toy jet fighter I shared with my older brother which was one foot long and was made of plastic and metal. It was batery-operated but all it could do was move around in circles. Kids today would be bored with that jet fighter but during those times something that amazed all my playmates, it became the instant center of attraction every time we take it out and let it run in circles.

The satisfaction of children changes with the times that is why the toys today are very different from what we had 3o or so years ago. I have witnessed how toys have evolved through my 30 plus years in this world. If you are as old as me and you check out the toys like MagNext toys, you'll be amazed at how our old toys would be a far cry from from the beauty and magnificence of these toys. Toys that are designed to be transformer can bend the mind and keep me thinking about the great minds that made these toys possible today. My little kid is indeed a very fortunate one because he gets to enjoy this kind of toys. If I have the chance to go back to my childhood and be allowed to have the toys to grow up with, I will surely choose MagNext toys because these toy are designed to dazzle the mind. I believe that good toys make good kids.

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