Capturing Moments

Capturing moments and events has never been easier with the advent of digital photography. Digital photography has changed the way we view the world. Ordinary people like you and me now have the power to record little moment, common things, and common happenings that could turn out big and awesome on our computer screens. Now that digital cameras have become cheaper and cheaper more and more people could tap at the innate photographer in them. With a digital camera, all one needs to have is the "eye" for the right moment to click on the shutter and record something that could turn out to be a treasure.

I did not realize the power of the human eye for perfect moments until I came upon some awesome photo stumbles on StumbleUpon. 42ndStreetPhoto is a StumbleUpon page by 34 year old single guy from New York, New York, USA named Chris. In that page he has an awesome collection or stumbles of photographs from all over the web. Browsing through his page is like having a journey into another world even if the images were all taken in our world. You'll be amazed at how photography could change one's view of the world. Check out his page now and see what I mean.