Computers and Cigars

I bet that you think that computers and cigars don't mix but you may be mistaken, cigars and computers could mix. When I say cigar, don't think about cigarettes because the two are not the same. Cigars symbolize success, power, and wealth, whereas cigarettes stand for, well, the multitude of those who are struggling to hit it big someday.

What if you accidentally discover a new niche in the web that proves to be a gold mine and then, overnight, you become the newest dot com millionaire? I guess you'd quit smoking cigarettes and upgrade to having cigars while you surf the net. And of course you'll be buying your supply of cigar online, from perhaps, because their site has got everything that any cigar loving dot com millionaire wants-- from all major cigar brands to humidors to hygrometers to lighters to ash trays, you name it and they have it.

Yes, computers and cigars could mix well; imagine some cold rainy night spent in front of your computer, you type away on the keyboard as your ideas flow like the rain pouring on your roof, and in between new ideas, you take a puff at your cigar for more inspiration.

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