How To Create Display Ads with Google

Recently I bought a web hosting plan for the online business that I have been planning. Included in the hosting plan are a few dollars worth of Google and Yahoo ads to help start promote whatever business I am planning to run in the website(s) I am building. This is a bonus that came with the package. I haven't claimed the bonus ads yet because my online business is still in the making. I want to make the most out of the bonus ads. I know that this is not much but I want to learn AdWord. So I got interested in Adwords and methods of placing or building ad units that will get people to click it. Luckily I came upon some videos that will help us get a clear look at the process of building display ads using Google AdWords. 

Accessing the feature in AdWords in the first place:

How to find templates that are right for you:

How to create ads with no images required:

How to copy ads across ad groups:

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