Planning a Blog Makeover

I have been thinking about changing this blog's template because I have learned that it doesn't load quickly and correctly in Internet Explorer. I did not know about this until one of my blogging friends told me about it. I checked it out and sure enough it does not load correctly in IE. I never use IE because it is the slowest browser around so I never knew that my blog's template got a problem with it. And to think that more than half of internet users still use IE, i must do something about this.  I am also thinking about moving from Blogger to WordPress (I have just bought some good hosting package) but I guess it is unlikely because of three reasons: first, I like Blogger despite the many things that it lacks; second, I think I won't have time to spare for doing the move; third, Blogger has sentimental value to me, this is my first blog and I learned to blog with Blogger so I think that it would be good to house my main blog in Blogger forever, I could start many more blogs with WordPress ut my main blog will stay with Blogger.