Top 21 Ways to Make Money Online


Okay, okay, there's a recession but it doesn't mean that money would be scarce in all corners. Money comes to those who know where to find it even during the leanest days. If the recession has caused you to lose your job, don't think that everything is lost, there's still hope. The economy is down but the internet is alive and kicking, so why don't you try your hand on it? Don't you know that there are at least 21 ways to earn online? Yes, a guy who has 5 years of experience working full time online has put out a book that will surely open doors for those who wnt to earn online. I am among those lucky enough to be given the chance to get a review copy of  Credit Crunch Income - 21 Ways to Make Money Online During the Recession! and I dare say that it gave me a lot of new ideas and techniques for earning online. Each chapter of the book is packed with practical advice and case studies. What makes this book very good is that each method and technique of earning online is credible and ethical. 

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