When eBanking Gives You a Migraine

Last week (that was friday) I went to the Unionbank branch in our place to fix the problem with my Eon Cyber account. I had a post about this problem last week. Unionbank guy who talked to me asked for my email and told me that he will just email the head office about my problem and the head office will just contact me via email. When monday came I called the bank and asked for the guy I haved talked to. When he was on the phone I told him that perheps it would be good if I give him my account number and credit card number so that it would be easier for the head office to check things out. He took my account number and card number and told me to just check my email every now and then. After three days of checking without seeingany action from their end, I called the bank again but this thime the phone just keep on ringing and no one answers it. I tried to call many times but no one answers the phone. I felt kind of shitty. It pissed me off. So there is a need for me to go to the bank again and talk with them about my account. This is really bad.