Free Network Mapping Tool for Microsoft Office Visio Professional 2007 Users

Don't map your network by hand – let LANsurveyor Express for Microsoft Visio Professional 2007 automatically create network diagrams for you. Fully integrated as a Visio 2007 plug-in, LANsurveyor Express is accessible directly from the Visio 2007 toolbar, making it easier than ever to get a comprehensive network map in just minutes!

LANsurveyor Express uses a unique, multi-level discovery method to identify every IP device on your LAN or WAN, including routers, switches, printers, servers, and workstations. LANsurveyor integrates OSI Layer 2 and Layer 3 topology data (including switch port connections) and displays network nodes in a Visio diagram, complete with colored lines representing connection speed and labels indicating the switch port information for nodes connected to your network.

LANsurveyor Express uses Visio SmartShapes® to represent your network devices and populates each node's custom properties with the node's IP address, network name, and fully-qualified domain name. This feature enables you to use Visio's built-in network device reports.

If your organization requires up-to-date network documentation for compliance audits, internal support, network security, or troubleshooting, let LANsurveyor Express automatically generate accurate, complete network diagrams for you.

Easy to Use
Simply enter your IP address range and SNMP community strings and let LANsurveyor Express do the work for you. Survey your entire LAN and WAN or just specific network segments.

LANsurveyor Express uses multiple discovery methods (including SNMP, ICMP/ping, NetBIOS, Active Directory®, Spanning Tree, and more) to identify all your network devices.

Integrated as a Visio Plug-In
LANsurveyor Express is fully integrated with Visio as a plug-in, ensuring that the product is always easy to access via the Visio toolbar. Additionally, LANsurveyor Express automatically populates Visio Smart Shapes with node information so you can run Visio reports with LANsurveyor Express data. Click here to register for your free Network Mapping Tool for MS Office Visio Professional 2007.

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