Google Chrome Now Comes Bundled with RealPlayer

Google is hell-bent on getting Chrome off the 1.15% market share in the browser arena. The browser is being promoted heavily by Google and one of its new ways of doing it is by bundling it with RealPlayer. If you have installed a new version of RealPlayer lately, you know that during installation of the media player it also offers to install Chrome. There' no reason why Google won't do this, we know that this is common practice among software brands, for example we know that Yahoo! toolbar comes bundled with many kinds of software. 

I don't know why Chrome could not get bigger following despite the heavy promotion, it's a very good browser and you can do more with it. Since it came out last year it has become my main browser. I only use two browsers, Firefox and Chrome. But I use Chrome more these days. Probably the reason why many people are still stuck with IE is because they are not keen about trying out new things, they are afraid to get out of their comfort zone. They feel comfortable using IE despite its slow-footedness  because they've been using it in the last 10 years and using a new browser is intimidating.

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