Google's Interest-based Advertising

Google has launched a beta testing of its "interest-based" advertising for its partner sites and on YouTube. What does it mean? It means that Google will be serving ads according to the user's browsing history. It means that the ads shown in one site for one user will not be the same as what is shown to another. It seems like everyone is pushing for personalization. Here is what Google said in its blog:

- Transparency - We already clearly label most of the ads provided by Google on the AdSense partner network and on YouTube. You can click on the labels to get more information about how we serve ads, and the information we use to show you ads. This year we will expand the range of ad formats and publishers that display labels that provide a way to learn more and make choices about Google's ad serving.

- Choice - We have built a tool called Ads Preferences Manager, which lets you view, delete, or add interest categories associated with your browser so that you can receive ads that are more interesting to you.

- Control - You can always opt out of the advertising cookie for the AdSense partner network here. To make sure that your opt-out decision is respected (and isn't deleted if you clear the cookies from your browser), we have designed a plug-in for your browser that maintains your opt-out choice.

We can expect that interest-based advertising will be in full bloom in the next several months. 

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