How Not To Pay For Antivirus Software and Still Get Protection (Part 1)

New viruses and malwares come everyday and we do not want any of them get through our protection. But good protection entails money and in this time of financial crisis it feels so heavy on our part to shell out some extra bucks for antivirus software. There is a way to get good protection without paying for antivirus software. I am not implying that we go to torrent and warez site to get bootlegged and cracked copies of these expensive antivirus software. Bootlegged copies of your popular antivirus software are 99% laden with malware so don't even try downloading them. So how can we get good protection without actually buying one? Easy, all you need to know is where to get free antivirus software. There are many good free antivirus software. I have a list of free but reliable antivirus software below :

1. Avast Home Free. This is available free of charge for non-commercial home use only. I have personally used this software and I can say that it is at par with most paid antivirus software. You'll are free to use this for 60 days. Two months of good protection can save you a lot of money. 

2. AVG Free. This is basic antivirus and antispyware protection for Windows available to download for free. Limited features, no support, for private and non-commercial use only. It's good for home use. This is also very light. 

3. Avira Antivir. This is the third most popular free antivirus but it doesn't mean to say that this is less effective than Avast Home Free or AVG Free. Avira is very light on your system resources and is fast and relatively accurate in scanning for viruses and malware.

4. Bit Defender. I am now using Bit Defender but not the free version; I have Bit Defender Total Security 2009. But I didn't pay for it, I was lucky enough to get a legit serial number that BitDefender gave away to a number of people last December. The serial number is good for six months of excellent protection. The free version of Bit Defender is not as good as the paid version though, but still it gives what you are looking for--protection. 

I can list at least 10 free but good antivirus software for you but the four that I have listed here are good enough for now. One thing more though, if you want to get the latest version of the best antivirus software around, why not be go for beta versions and release candidates? Yes, you may want to get the latest Eset Smart Security Release candidate and get up to 6 months of good protection. You can also try becoming a beta tester for Bit defender, just check it out here. More on this in the next few posts :)