Movies Planet

I love movies, who doesn't? I am not exactly a movie buff but I take watching movies seriously. I also have my little collection of movies, titles that I know most of you haven't heard about. One of the many reasons why I love the internet is the fact that it is also a very good source of movies. I and my wife watch movies three to four nights a week. But we do not go out to the movie theater to watch movies, we watch them at home, in our computer. I always roam around the internet to discover new sources of movies, we also love watching movies online. Lately I came upon MoviesPlanet, a website for people who love movies. It is actually a movie lovers social network, it allows members to download free movies or just watch them online. And it's not just movies that are in their movie database, they also have the latest full episodes of our favorite tv shows. They have probably thousands of movie titles and TV show episodes in their movie database but it is quite easy to look for that particular movie title you are looking for because their site has a quick movie/ TV link search. Members can also create their own customer user profile to rate films. If you are member you can also contact other members who share the same favorite movies and actors. I am really impressed with the site's ability to allow users to browse movie pages and full actor biographies, read movie news, and many other important actions that any movie lover wants (because a true movie lovers are not only interested about watching the movie, they also want to know about the background of the movie, and things that happen to their favorite actors outside the screen). Thy also have a miscellaneous section where members can download applications that are essential in making movie watching a true experience. And if a member wants more, like a list of private FTP servers listed by Movies Planet's users, the site has more than 400 of it in their list. Members can also make requests of movies they would like to watch or download, I checked out the section for personal movie and video requests and found out that there are more than 6,000 entries there. With all these features and much much more, I think is a true movie buff's paradise.

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