Photoshop Text Effects

I have been dabbling with WordPress theme creation lately and I have created a number of theme already. As of now I can only produce simple themes but I know that if I will keep at it I will be able to see improvement in my creations. The most difficult part in theme creation is in designing  header. After studying many good WordPress themes around the web, I realized that how the text in the header is handle plays a very important role in the overall beauty of the header. The header can make or break a theme. A good knowledge of creating text effects using Adobe Photoshop is also a must for anyone who designs themes. So I scoured the internet for good Photoshop text effects tutorials. Here are the ones that impressed me:

1. Text in Stiches

2. Spray Paint Text

3. 3D Cliff Text

4. Sky Logo Design

5. Colorful Light Burst Text 

More on this in the next few posts.

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