Do You Need Media?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

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I regularly buy a lot of blank DVD because I have so many files to back up every now and then. I have lots of music and movies to back up every month. I don't want to fill my hard drive with gigbytes and gigabytes of files so I use a lot of DVD-R media. I know that everyone knows what a DVD looks like but probably not everyone really knows what DVD stands for. DVD stands for Digital Versatile Disc, some people refer to it as Digital Video Disc. But what does the "R" stands for in DVD-R? Well, the "R" stands for "recordable".

It is important to know that not every DVD is made th same, some are of high quality while others can only put your back up in the danger of being damaged because the wuality of the DVD is not good. Low quality DVD has the tendency of having its coating flake off. So every time you buy a DVD-R for your back up and other media needs, be sure that you know which is the best disc for your need. Buy only at trusted stores like, the place where you can find the best and the most trusted brands of media at great prices.

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