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Friday, April 24, 2009

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A company, small or big, will always have data to to store; the bigger the company grows, the more data there is to manage. Managing an ever growing data is not easy, it could take away the company's focus on the business because of the challenges of purchasing, managing and maintaining a server. So the best move for smaller businesses is outsourcing their IT infrastructure. There are companies who do just like that--help other companies manage their IT infrastructure. Egnyt is one such company, they offer solutions to many companies data management woes. Egnyt delivers infrastructure on-demand file sharing and local cloud computing services to small and medium sized businesses looking to outsource their IT infrastructure. What does it mean? This means that they can give you with online data storage. Your data is stored in a secure central location and their file sharing software allows easy sharing and seamless collaboration among your employees and business partners. And you don't need to buy a server and worry about maintenance and security because Egnyt has an online server that is designed to be easily configured by you according to your needs. With Egnyt, you have secure access to your files using a web browser, and it's as easy as dragging and dropping files to where you want them to be. Large files are also easily handled, Egnyte is optimized for easy upload and storage of large files and data. Another thing that makes life easier with Egnyt is its powerful search feature; it allows you to quickly search and retrieve any information. With Egnyt, your company can focus on the business and not be distracted by worries about VPN, FTP, or tape kind of stuff.

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