File Extension Sam

Monday, April 27, 2009

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Are you familiar with the file extension sam? The .sam file extension stands for "sample" and consists primarily of text. It is primarily associated with the Samna Ami Pro word-processing program. The Samna Ami Pro was a word-processing, spreadsheet program developed in DOS. Other successive approximations of the .sam file extension include CalTech PaleoMag, Map, Microsoft Office 97 and the Signed 8-bit Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) sample. Because file extension sam is associated with some old programs, you may have encountered problems with it. It is usually with opening it sometimes. When a file does not open, the possible cause is that the computer's registry could be corrupted and could not point to the proper application to run the file. If this happens it is important to clean the registry. You can check out the website File Extension Sam for some solutions. The site offers a free scan that will analyze your system so that you will know where the problem is rooted. You can your their Driver Detective software for free and have your system a good scan.

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