My traffic Experiment (Day 2)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

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I started this experiment last sunday with my other blog, My Freedom Wall. I have heard about this technique in getting more traffic to one's blog for some time now but I never had the chance to try it. But last sunday I just tried it and just about 30 minutes after I started the test, my blog started to show signs of getting lots of visitors, all coming in through Google. The blog I am using in this experiment is hosted by Blogger. I did not buy a custom domain for it. Before the experiment, it averaged 25 unique hits a day (I know that it's a very poor performance) but last sunday, on the first day of the experiment, it got 431 hits. Yes, from just 25-30 hits, it skyrocketed to 431. On the second day, the traffic got even higher, the blog made it to 672 unique hits! More than 90% of all the visitors were brought in by the search engine, mostly by Google. Now I am on the third day of the experiment, I am expecting to have more than 700 hits for the third day :) As I am writing this, there are 136 users viewing that blog! See the image above.  Below you can see the stats. The last bar represents the third day of the experiment which is not done yet, I am expecting that it would get to around 800 by tomorow. More on this later on :)

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