Take Care of Your Eyes

Friday, April 3, 2009

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I face the monitor 12 to 16 hours a day because of the nature of my work. That's too much strain on my eyes. Now I am beginning to feel that there is something wrong with my eyes and that I would soon be needing eyeglasses; there are times when I could not recognize faces just a few meters away from me. I have also noticed that lately I am finding it difficult to read the fine print on newspapers and magazines. So I checked around the net to see about eyeglasses, just in case I'd be needing them. I came upon GlassesShop.com, an online store that sells high-indexted prescription eyeglasses. What I have noticed about their eyeglasses is that they are stylish. It is obvious that their eyeglasses were made with not only the the basics of eyeglasses in mind but also fashion. I guess the people behind GlassesShop.com see eyeglasses as a fashion accessories also (aside from its main purpose). I checked the prices of their elegant and fashionable looking eyeglasses and was a bit surprised at how low their prices are. Imagine an eyeglass that is only $8! Yes, prices start at 8! They have lots of discounted reading glasses to choose from that are really of high quality. They also have this virtual try on feature in their site which allows buyers to "try" the glasses online. How it's done is for you to check out, just visit the site and see how they make it possible to let you try their glasses online.

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