File Extension Ithmb

Saturday, May 16, 2009

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Have you encountered problems opening files with the extension .ithmb? File with this extension are only used by iPods. The file extension ithmb was developed by Apple and was exclusively made for the iPod product. In your iPod, have you noticed that small thumbnail images that represent the actual image in your iPod? When you click on that thumbnail, the corresponding image it represents is opened for you to see. File extension itmb may cause you problem if you have some problem in your machine. In order for you to solve this kind of problem, you need to make some computer scan that will point to the problem and get you the solution for the file extension problem. Try going to and check out their Driver Cure scanner. Driver Cure will scan your computer for file extension problems which are usually rooted in the registry. Driver Cure is easy to use and it can help you solve most file extension related computer problems. Driver Cure is very easy to use, will scan your computer system to check if any of the computer drivers need to be updated. When the scanning is complete, it will prompt you to update the drivers that need updating. Check out the site now and cur all those driver and file extension problems that bug your computing.

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On another Web site, you tried to help me out - it's to insert links into out template to improve our Google ranking... still do not work for me lol. You have a nice blog and seem pretty knowledgable!

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