Google's New Search Options and Your SEO Efforts

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

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If you are serious about search engine optimization, I am sure that you are closely following Google's every move because you know that every change in Google affects your SEO efforts. Now, Google has introduced some changes to its search results and it is called "Search Options." This new feature allows users to "slice" and "dice" search results in many ways that may affect your SEO efforts. When a user makes a search using Google, he has more options as to what to do with the results, which would surely affect how he chooses which result to click and which not to click. See the video below to understand it:

Now, how does this new feature affect your SEO efforts? Here are some ideas from SEO experts:

Lee Odden of Top Rank Online Marketing :
"Yes! But it doesn't change the SEO advice we give: fresh content, digital asset SEO..."
Bill Slawski of SEO By the Sea:
"Web Options have the potential to impact SEO by offering a much wider range of ways to find information. Whether or not they will may have to do with whether or not searchers will take the time to click on the 'show options' link, and explore the many new ways that they can find what they may be looking for."
WebProNews Blog Partner Bill Hartzer:
"From what I am seeing, the 'search engine optimization' industry is actually turning back around to what it used to be: good old fashioned website marketing. It's not only 'optimizing a website' and 'getting links.' SEO is involving more nowadays: you have to get your site in front of real people and real traffic," he continues. "It's also about using social media marketing techniques, as well. If you're successful in social media you'll be successful in search. If you can get lots of real people to a site then you'll be successful in SEO."

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