Sunday, May 10, 2009

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I know that you have your own favorite search engine; I know that you probably have it as your browser's default home page. I have my favorite search engine too and chances are, we have the same favorite search engine. But even if I have a favorite search engine, it does not mean to say that I use it in all the searches that I make. It actually depends on what kind of search I do and what I would like to find out. I discovered lately that there are other search engines that are designed to do something more than just the basic search. An example of that is LeapFish.com, a universal search engine that captures the variety of the multi-media web in one search. This search engine debuted last year and now it's performing so well.  LeapFish aggregates different kinds of data from a growing list of major portals like Yahoo, YouTube, eBay, and others. What I like about this search engine is that it is able to present the variety of data it gets into a clean and easy to use interface. 

Recently LeapFish announced the release of three new data widgets that could significantly expand the search platform to include real estate valuations and trends; local business listings and reviews; and domain name appraisals and Web page traffic statistics. These three widgets are very useful not only to webmasters but also to those who have online business. LeapFish is integrating into the new universal search engine more than 200 online authorities like CyberHomes, Yelp and Compete.com. You can read their recent press release at the LeapFish blog. Here is an example of a search displaying Yelp Reveiws : http://www.leapfish.com/?q=Social+Media+Tools+for+Newbie+Mothers and here's another one: http://www.leapfish.com/?q=thai+food+san+francisco%2C+ca

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