Social Media Tools for Newbie Mothers

Saturday, May 9, 2009

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For Mother's Day, I am featuring some social media tools for new moms.  Here they are:

1. About My Baby. This is an online scrap book where newbie moms can share family photos and videos. You can customize it easily the way you want it and it has tons of features that allow you to track stats like height, age, and your baby's firsts (first word, first step, and many more). It is free to join but if you want, you can get the Pro version for $50 a year. 

2. OPMOM. Are you a busy mom who is always on the go? Well, this is what you need. It will help you organize especially in terms of cultural experiences like food and travel. You can add your own snippets for everyone to see, like recipes, mommy tips, and every kind of little things that could help other busy mons like you.

3. CafeMom. This is well known, many moms know this social network, so if you happen to not know about it, it's high time to become a member.  Here you can share your experiences in motherhood, share tips, and learn from other moms like you.

4. Baby Center. This is Yahoo!'s and here you can start a baby journal or create a photoclub.

5. Mothers Click.  This social network will help you increase the number of your mom friends online and offline because it allows you to search moms like you in your area. You can also blog about your daily motherhood adventures, or shop for mommy and parenting stuff.

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