Windows Vista SP2 Now Available for Download

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

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Many people did not see this coming or just do not care but I am now downloading Windows Vista SP2. Here's what someone who has downloaded and installed it is saying:

For people who is wondering what does it add (i'll list what matters to me)

Your wireless Signal wont be super slow after you wake up your laptop from "sleep mode" "i noticed it and always had to restart"
native Blu ray data Disc burn built in windows
New wireless option in control panel that let you connect to wireless networks faster and easier "Windows connect now"
New Bluettoth standard support
Windows Search Engine 4 (Much faster search for files within windows)
Your sidebar gadgets Wont eat ram/cpu like crazy (Now its fixed)
Boost your battery life by about 10% with better power management system
ExFAT format support for HDS
Better Error handling

And overall OS performance boost and better security of course

The file is 577.4 MB so my download would finish in a few hours I hope.

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