File Extension Ts

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

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Have you encountered problems with File Extension TS? This problem happens every now and then because there are three different programs that use file extension ts.  Usually you'll see that the problem that is usually brought about by file extension ts is what program opens it?  There are three uses of the file extention .ts, first in creating QT translaton file, second in streaming .mpeg files, and third in a Tune Smithy file.

When your computer could not play a file, it could be that you d not have the appropriate program to open it. But if you have that program and still your computer can't open the file, probably there is a problem with your registry. When your registry has errors, files do not open. To fix your registry, you need a software to do the job for you because if you fix it yourself, your computer would be in danger of a bigger damage. There are sites that gives free scan of your registry like In this site you can try for free Driver Cure and other softare that will help correct errors in your registry and in your system.

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