Adsense Earnings for 17 Days

Last month I made myself believe that I could make a thousand dollars in one month with Adsense. It's actually just a dream. Of course I know that some bloggers can make a thousand dollars in a few days with their blogs; but they are A1 bloggers, bloggers with years of experience in the blogosphere. But there is no harm in trying. If others can make it, why would it be impossible for anyone to at least attempt it? So I worked doubly hard in the last 17 days and I guess I am nearing the realization of that dream now. I and my wife are running Adsense ads in four blogs--our main and oldest blogs (two with custom domain and the other two are just using Blogspot subdomain; all are running on Blogger, not WordPress). I have 15 domains but only two of them really matter as of now, the rest are just there, waiting for me to take care of them (I don't have enough time). I am not a stranger to WordPress though, I have six WP blogs, but I just love Blogger and I won't trade it for any other platform.

Now, 17 days after I told my self that "I will make a thousand dollar in the month of July from Adsense" my earnings seems to tease me into believing that there is really a good chance of making it. In the last 17 days our earnings reached $487.78 which is $28.65 average daily earning. The biggest earnings that we got in one day was $87. In the last few days the earnings danced around $35 a day. Today we earned around $62.39 but I guess it will hit $65 or more because a few hours is still left before the cut off time. Below is the screen shot of our earnings in the last 17 days. What do you think, would we make it to the thousand dollars for the month of July? I guess we'd be $100 short. But there is August, and September, and the many months to follow, we could attempt again. As of now, we'll work harder to get to that $1000 in one month with Adsense. You too can do it. Don't you know that it took me one whole year to get my first $185 from Adsense, but after that, earnings just sort of come. But of course it requires a lot of hard work, lots of readings, lots of sleepless nights, lots of trial and errors. Life is like that, one needs to work hard to reach the top.

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