The Hummingbird Spy Cam

Sunday, July 5, 2009

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AeroVironment, a company that develops and produces Unmanned Aircraft Systems has unveiled the Hummingbird Spy Cam. This spy camera looks like a hummingbird and flies like a hummingbird. Pentagon has recently given the company $2.1 million to continue the development of the hummingbird spy cam.

As of now, the hummingbird spy camera model can fly 20 seconds at a time. This is quite far from what a real hummingbird can do but this shows that it is possible to build a robotic hummingbird that really flies. Pentagon wants AeroVironment to develop “an approximately 10-gram aircraft that can hover for extended periods, can fly at forward speeds up to 10 meters per second, can withstand 2.5-meter-per-second wind gusts.” If perfected, the hummingbird spy camera could be a a very good spy tool. Watch the video below and see how the present hummingbird spy cam fares.

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