Microsoft Office 2010

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

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Microsoft has announced something new and interesting today, Microsoft Office 2010. What's new with this one? Well, for one, it will include web-based versions of Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and OneNote. That's obviously something to compete with Google Docs and in this I think Microsoft could have a good chance at winning the heart of users.The menu system is also updated in the new versionas shown below:

If the ribbon menu system of MS Office 2007 impressed you, then this one will also make you happier. Office 2007 brings an improved and more intuitive ribon menu system.

Another improvement is more powerful multimedia editing featrue. One to watch out for here is the new in-video editing capability in PowerPoint. Image editing also see a lot of boost. Though you can not do the graphics stunts you can do with Photoshop, what is in MS Office 2010 can make you do a lot with multimedia editing for presentations.

More enhancements on the area of real-time collaboration and communication are also seen in Office 2010. Security settings are also given new things to be happy about.

And here's a video about Microsoft Office Web Apps:

Microsoft Office 2010 will start to be available next year.

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