Send Your Name to Mars

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

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If I am given the chance to go to the moon I will gladly grab it. If a chance to go to Mars is offered to me I will probably think twice because Mars is too far and the lenght of time it takes to reach the planet would probably drive me crazy. But I would gladly send a part of me to Mars if given the chance. Now this chance is being offered to me and you and everyone. NASA is giving everyone the opportunity to send their name to Mars. A Mars Science Laboratory rover will be sent to Mars in 2011 and along with that rover is a chip which will contain the names of those who want to have their names included. So, do you want your name to be in that chip? Then just get to the Send Your Name to Mars page and fill out the form there.

But before you head down to that direction it is important for you to know that the form in that page looks funny; for one thing, the form accepts nearly anything, even very long entries. And there is no captcha.

Someone has commented about this in Reddit:
“It appears that the input is unbounded. One could then send a somewhat long Base64 encoded binary messages to mars. I’m sure there is SOME bound somewhere but it doesn’t appear to be on the form. I create a 4k first name and it took it as input. What to send…. Perhaps a map to my house? Perhaps the lyrics to my favorite song? Fibonacci sequence? Prime numbers? Hm.“

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